12pm-12.45pm Gymnastics @ Pickhurst Academy (£50)

12.15pm-2.45pm Private lessons 

3.25pm-4.25pm Street Jazz @ Alexandra Junior School (£70)

3.30pm-4.30pm Infant Drama @ La Fontaine Academy (£70)

5pm-5:30pm Grade 4 Tap @ Beckenham Dance Studio's (£37.50)

5:30pm-6pm Grade 3/4 Ballet @ Beckenham Dance Studio's (37.50)

5pm-6pm Advanced Dance @ Beckenham Dance Studio's (£70)

6pm-7pm Dance Troupe @ Beckenham Dance Studio's (£70)

7pm-7.45pm Adult Tap @ Beckenham Dance Studio's (£5pc)



         12pm-12.45pm Drama @ Pickhurst Junior School (£50)

3.15pm-4.15pm Gymnastics @ St Augustines (£35)

      3.35pm-4.35pm Street Jazz @ Parish Primary School (£70)

3.20pm-4.20pm Drama @ Marian Vian School (£55)

5pm-5.45pm Grade 5/6 Tap @ Calso Gym Hayes (£50)

5.45pm-6.30pm Grade 6 Modern @ Calso Gym Hayes (£50)

6.30pm-7.15pm Grade 5/6 Ballet @ Calso Gym Hayes (£50)


3.25pm-4.25pm Gymnastics @ Alexandra Junior School (£70)

     3.30pm-4.30pm Musical Theatre @ La Fontaine Academy (£70)    

______7.15pm-8pm Clubbercise @ Marian Vian school (£5ph)_____


3.25pm-4.25pm Drama @ Alexandra Junior School (£70)

3.15pm-4.15pm  Street Jazz @ St Augustines School (£35)

5.15pm-6pm Grade 2 Ballet @ Bromley Parish Church (£50)

6pm-7pm Street Jazz @ Bromley Parish Church (£70)

7pm-7.30pm Grade 2 Tap @ Bromley Parish Church (£37.50)


8am-8.45am Street Jazz @ Green Street Green Primary School (£50)

             12pm-12.45pm Tap @ Pickhurst Juniors School (£50)

2pm-3pm Adult Tap @ Bromley Parish Church (£5.50)

3.30pm-4.30pm Infants Street Jazz @ La Fontaine Academy (£70)

3.35pm-4.35pm Gymnastics @ Parish Primary School (£70)


9.30am-10am Intro Ballet @ Bromley Parish Church (£37.50)

10am-10.30am Intro Tap @ Bromley Parish Church (£37.50)

10.30am-11.15am Musical Theatre @ Bromley Parish Church (£50)

11.15am-12pm Drama @ Bromley Parish Church (£50)

12pm-12.45pm Street Jazz @ Bromley Parish Church (£50)


Please note all prices are based on a 10 week  term!!

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Account number: 16275564

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                     Class Description


All of our Dance classes are structured to encourage all of the students to learn a new style of dance, build confidence, keep fit but most importantly have fun. Each lesson we work on technique and flexiability as well a grade exercise is our Tap & Ballet classes. Our students each year are given the chance to work towards exams under the professional examining board of the UKA. During a term new exercise and routines are learnt as well as working in  groups as well as individually.


Our drama classes allow the students to build on confidence and enhance their speech. During the classes we work on scripts, poems, mimes, improvisation games and creating scenes and plays. The students are given the freedom to create their own characters and to use accents. We play games that allow the students to use their imagination and creativity skills. They work within groups, partners and individually. All of our students are given opportunity to take part in drama exams under the UKA each year.

Musical Theatre

Our Musical Theatre classes use the same skills and games from drama but also include dance and singing. The students are taught songs from popular musicals and are given scenes which include speech, song and dance to work on. These scenes are sometimes split between groups or worked on altogther as a whole class. A vocal warm up will be done in each lesson to allow students to enhance their vocal range and a physical warm up will be done to enhance the students stamina when singing and dancing and also to improve on dance teachniques and flexability. All of our students are given opportunity to take part in Musical Theatre exams under the UKA each year.


All of our Gymnastics classes are held after school in various Primary schools in the Bromley & Beckenham area. Each term we work on many different gymnastics skills using different apparatus as well as basic jumps & shapes. We works on technique and build on the childrens individual unique skills.

Contact Details

07538 199678


Office hours

Monday -Friday

10am - 4.00pm


Please note our Spring term starts back the week commencing 14th

January 2019

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